First Tournament Of Legends Trailer

SEGA has recently released the first trailer in a series of videos for their new game Tournament of Legends! Judging from the trailer, the game seems to have a Soul Caliber feel, with there being 2 players fighting with health meters, etc. However, this game features the Greek Gods, and lets you pick from a variety of characters, from a Minotaur to Marcus Antonius (Hero of Rome)! From the trailer, you can get a sense that the graphics will be good, and that the game seems like something you would pick up. However, I would be a bit more hesitant on seeing what the single-player game plays like before deciding.

According to the EBGames website, the game comes out July 6th, 2010 for Wii, so mark your calendars! The first trailer for Tournament Of Legends can be found here.

Just like I said earlier, I will really have to see the game closer to release date before I judge. I do feel as if I have enough fighting games for now, which is why I said that I would rather wait to see the single-player.