Nintendo Download: 5/31/10

Eight new titles close out May.

DSiWare: X-Scape, 800 Nintendo Points

An evil empire is trying to take over the planets of the Kiisa system; having just come out of a cryogenic sleep, you must pilot the VIXIV, a land- and air-capable tank, to stop them. Fly through tunnels in order to get from planet to planet, where you’ll accept missions in this 3D-playing game with a neat vector-style graphics scheme.

DSiWare: Hero of Sparta, 800 Nintendo Points

You are King Argos, and you have some butt to kick. Journey through mystical lands, including the underworld, defeating enemies and large bosses with your four upgradeable weapons. Hack, slash, and puzzle solve in this action/adventure title.

DSiWare: A Topsy Turvy Life: the Turvys Strike Back, 200 Nintendo Points

Turn your DSi upside-down again as you take on an invading army. Use the stylus to make your forces attack the enemy in a variety of ways.

DSiWare: Telegraph Sudoku & Kakuro, 200 Nintendo Points

This title lets you play a number of Sudoku and Kakuro puzzles taken from British publication The Daily Tepegraph. You have over 500 puzzles here, with Kakuro and a number of Sudoku variants.

WiiWare: Ben 10 Alien Force: the Rise of Hex, 1,000 Nintendo Points

Transform into one of ten different aliens as Ben Tennison, playing through 15 action/adventure levels. You’ll beat up bad guys and solve puzzles along the way.

WiiWare: Voodoo Dice, 1,000 Nintendo Points

Voodoo Dice bills itself as an “innovative, challenging puzzler”, wherein you solve puzzles in unique ways. We do not know, however, exactly what they are.

WiiWare: Robocalypse – Beaver Defense, 600 Nintendo Points

Since your tower defense games weren’t yet silly enough, here’s Beaver Defense. Defend against the beavers by setting up an array of towers, while you control robots to bring the pain in a mobile manner.

SNES: Wild Guns, 800 Nintendo Points

In this SNES shooter, you’re placed in the particular Wild West that had giant, screen-filling robot bosses. Play through alone or with a friend, blasting away at waves of enemies, then destroying the environment to find hidden items.

For some reason I didn’t expect a Ben 10 WiiWare game; thinking about it, though, it’s probably a pretty awesome delivery method. You could put out games more frequently, and fans wouldn’t have to bug their parents to go to the store.