Nintendo Download: 7/26/10

The Virtual Console returns, with seven other downloadables.

DSiWare: Face Pilot: Fly With Your Nintendo DSi Camera!, 500 Nintendo Points

This DSiWare title uses a very simple control scheme: your face. Tilt your head right, left, up or down to steer your plane in this title, as you burst balloons, hit targets, or go for speed.

DSiWare: Crystal Monsters, 500 Nintendo Points

In this RPG title that is in no way related to a famous Nintendo property, you will travel the world, collecting and breeding Crystal Monsters for battle. Master the elemental types and fuse your monsters together to form the most powerful team, in this game featuring over 160 monsters.

DSiWare: Puffins: Let’s Race!, 500 Nintendo Points

Are you the fastest puffin? Race against the clock or against three human opponents in this new Puffins title. Collect powerups to gain the advantage as you race in one of four modes on one of eight tracks.

DSiWare: Petz Hamsterz Family, 800 Nintendo Points

This next Petz downloadable lets you acquire a family of hamsters. Feed them, clean them and play with them; teach them tricks and fun activities. As you play you will acquire coins, which can buy hamster treats and other things.

DSiWare: Absolute Brickbuster, 200 Nintendo Points

This Arkanoid clone offers eight characters and two modes of play. If you go through Free Play mode, you’ll collect helpful items as you use your ball to break blocks; every two levels, a mission level will show up to determine the difficulty of the game ahead. Mission mode has you playing these missions on your own.

WiiWare: Dive: the Medes Island Secret, 1,000 Nintendo Points

As John Sanders, you are exploring the depths of the ocean in this underwater adventure platformer. Navigate marine obstacles in order to discover the wreckage of major ships.

WiiWare: Heavy Fire: Special Operations, 500 Nintendo Points

Break out the Wii Zapper for this first-person rail shooter that puts you in the middle of conflicts in the Middle East. On foot, or in a Humvee or Blackhawk, take careful aim as you shoot your way through the game’s missions alone or with a friend. Your best scores are uploaded to the world leaderboard.

SNES: Aero the Acrobat, 800 Nintendo Points

Edgar Ektor has seized the World of Amusement circus, and only Aero the Acrobat can save the day. As you defeat enemies and progress through the levels, you’ll walk tightropes, ride roller coasters, skydive, bungee jump, and more in this celebrated platformer.

I’m glad to see the Virtual Console return; I hear good things about Aero. Also, what if the phone rang while you were playing Face Pilot and you looked over in surprise?