Wii-Compatible SNES Controller Released In Europe

A new controller modeled after the classic SNES controller has been released in Club Nintendo’s Catalogue, and it brings with it as much curiosity as price.For those of you who don’t take the regular Classic Controller as a good substitute for your classic SNES controller, then this will interest you. Recently released exclusively for Club Nintendo Europe, the remodeled Classic Controller has taken the shape of an SNES controller, which may excite fans. However, you will have to decide if you want to shell out the price for it, and the methods to do so. First off, you’ll have to find your way into Club Nintendo Europe (only if you don’t live there, that is), and then get the right amount of stars to get it. “How many is that,” you ask? Well, it is currently the most expensive reward in the store, tallying up to 7000 stars. You earn the stars by registering Nintendo products (for example, a Wii=1000, and a DS=500), and it uses a rewards system to give you the prize you want.

This interests me, but I have no idea how I’ll get ahold of a membership in Club Nintendo Europe.