Nintendo Download: 9/20/10

Save the circus, complete in Olympic sports, make a mad dash, or learn the alphabet.

DSiWare: Nintendo Countdown Calendar, 200 Nintendo Points

Keep track of important dates with this new calendar. As you start entering events into your profile, the machine will start counting down the days to each event, be it open, set, hidden or otherwise. Look at all upcoming events quickly, or even receive suggestions on other things to add.

DSiWare: GO Series 10 Second Run, 200 Nintendo Points

Run! You’ve got ten seconds to make it to the finish line! But be careful of platforms and obstacles that dot the short landscape in the game’s fifty stages. Play one of three game modes.

DSiWare: Everyday Soccer, 500 Nintendo Points

Create your own custom soccer team to compete against the world’s best. You can decide the build and clothing of your character, which will affect what specific traits they have. Make sure you have a well-balanced team before you take on the CPU or your friends.

WiiWare: Triple Throwing Sports, 500 Nintendo Points

If you’ve ever wanted to throw things professionally, this is the game for you. This title includes a number of Olympic throwing sports, such as javelin, hammer, discus and shot put. Use your Wii’s motion controls to throw your objects, taking into account factors such as angle, release point and power.

WiiWare: The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s ABC’s, 800 Nintendo Points

Based on the bestselling children’s book The Very Hungry Caterpillar, this title will help teach your children their ABC’s. The game comes in four parts, ranging from flash cards to vocabulary quizzes, that can be played together as parent and child. Children can also have fun by revealing hidden images and placing animal stamps, while the parents check their child’s vocabulary progress as tracked by the game.

SNES: Aero the Acrobat 2, 800 Nintendo Points

Aero must return to the circus in order to stop the plot of the sinister “Plan B” organization. Guide Aero and his friends through 45 high-flying levels, utilizing new skills and attacks and searching out Bonus Rounds, Chance Stages and Hidden Chambers. A new password feature lets the player return to any level.

Wasn’t Aero the Acrobat one of the last VC titles we got? I guess I can more or less write the service off now. On the other hand, 10 Second Run looks like it could be a lot of fun.