Wii Sales Are All Downhill From Here

The inevitable news is here, and it’s no surprise.

EDITORIAL: Below is an editorial written by Jake Bellissimo. This is his personal view point on the subject and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of NintendoGal.com or its other members of staff.

Being the pessimistic person I am, I’ve already obliged myself to write about this sooner or later. And to be honest, this is the right time, because it only seems appropriate, especially with the current game market. If you haven’t already figured out by the title of the article already, I’m talking about the Wii sales declining. Of course after a few years a console has been released, it will start to head down on a decline, but what makes the Wii so special? It has to do with many things, but only a few in particular: the over saturation of the market, what the public wants, and Nintendo’s incapability to keep up with competition.

From the September charts, the Wii sales were down 45% from the last month, but why is this? The market has seen enough Mii oriented games, the commercials have all been seen, and reviving franchises can only get Nintendo so far. However, it doesn’t seem to be a matter of that so much, but rather the fact of the competition this holiday season. It’s around that time of year where people are starting to get into the holiday gift shopping, but are waiting for a certain product to come out that appeals. All of the companies have big titles coming out this season, and with Nintendo having titles like Kirby: Epic Yarn, and Donkey Kong Country Returns on the way, it only makes sense for people to be interested. However, have people just grown tired of the Wii?

With companies like Microsoft and Sony advertising their motion products, it seems as if Nintendo has been left behind. Although I’m not a huge fan of motion controls in general, it makes sense: if you could choose, why get the outdated peripheral when you can just get the latest product? Since Kinect and Move have been announced, it just seems that the interest in users getting a Wii has faded, with all of the hype for the new things this holiday season. While the Wii has failed to catch up with the other capabilities that it still lacks, the other consoles have made an effort to catch up with the Wii’s innovation, and now that they all have it, what’s the point? Another possibility is the recession, and how it’s hit the world’s economy pretty vigorously, and is probably still making it hard for people to get out and purchase a Wii (however, most people who wanted a Wii probably already own them, because it’s been over 4 years). Simply because of that time difference and the announcement of the 3DS, it’s no doubt that Wii sales are only on the decline this holiday season.

The thing is, Nintendo already has their target audience hooked, and the rest of the gamers are too busy on other systems and their titles to even notice, let alone buy a whole new system. Especially with the holiday rush, it’s unlikely that the sales will all of the sudden rise. What also plays a role into the decline is the fact that Nintendo isn’t keeping up with the competition, and this is mainly in service and graphics. This is the age of the HDTV, and we’re moving into 3DTVS now and Nintendo still hasn’t adjusted to the change. This can be offputting for many customers, and could be playing a role in the decline. If you get an HDTV for the holidays, wouldn’t you prefer to pair it along with a system that makes use of the HD? However, I could go on and on about how the HD is necessary in today’s market, but Nintendo are still against that. The online is also awkward, having gamers exchange friend codes. This becomes tedious, and by word of mouth can put off potential customers.

Simply put, the Wii was bound to fall behind sooner or later. With the introduction of Microsoft and Sony’s reply to the motion-control fad, it is only natural that Nintendo is one step ahead of them, with the impending release of the 3DS. I’m honestly surprised that it has lasted this long, but sales indicate otherwise (before the drop, Wii sales were 462,000 units, but in September dropped nearly 208,000 lower). As for right now, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the Wii’s sales will stay on this decline, because it is slowly becoming outdated. Will this affect Nintendo’s income at all? Well, yes, it will, but the 3DS and the hits they are releasing this quarter will more than make up for the Wii sales flopping.

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