LEGO Pirates 3DS To Be A Direct Wii Port

TT Games, developer of many games in the LEGO series, is currently working on a 3DS version of LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: the Video Game, and according to reports it’s actually a direct port of the Wii game of the same name. Nick Ricks, a producer for TT Games, commented that the 3DS is approximately as powerful as a Wii and even does certain things like lighting better. As a result, the 3DS version will have all the same features of the Wii edition, along with some enhancements, like 3D highlighting of collectibles, and StreetPass battles in the vein of rock-paper-scissors, which can unlock special characters and costumes. LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: the Video Game is slated for release this May.

Well this is surprising news. I knew the 3DS would be as powerful as a Gamecube, but I thought it would be outperformed by the Wii. Hearing this, now, I’m expecting some big things out of 3DS titles.