Nintendo Download: 4/4/11

This week’s free WiiWare demo is for A Monsteca Corral: Monsters vs. Robots.

DSiWare: Anonymous Notes Chapter 1 – From the Abyss, 200 Nintendo Points

This cheap, downloadable RPG has a lot of replay value to it. Bring your heroes down into the dungeon and take out monsters, grabbing weapons and magic from enemies using Soul Capture. Once you get to the bottom and defeat the boss, the dungeon re-builds itself randomly, allowing for infinite possible dungeons to campaign through.

DSiWare: A Fairy Tale, 500 Nintendo Points

Play as three young fairies trying to save their village from villainous forces. This puzzle game boasts over 100 levels, along with a lighthearted storyline to accompany the experience, as well as good graphics and music.

DSiWare: Absolute Baseball, 500 Nintendo Points

There are many games that let you play baseball, but not many let you manage a baseball team. In Absolute Baseball, you’ll select your lineup, modify your pitching rotation, and give orders to your batters and pitchers. Winning games will let you level up your players; if you manage well enough, you’ll see your team through to the playoffs.

WiiWare: Planet Fish, 500 Nintendo Points

You need some awesome fish for your personal aquarium, and you’re prepared to travel around the world to get them. Travel to the Great Barrier Reef, the Ryukyu Islands and the Great Barrier Reef with your personal watercraft, in order to trap fish in air bubbles in this puzzle title. Watch out for algae and jellyfish in this game’s 30 levels.

SNES: Super Bonk, 800 Nintendo Points

King Drool has ensnared Bonk in a trap, sending him through time; Bonk now needs to defeat enemies in his way travel back to prehistoric days in this SNES platformer. Eat meat in order to transform Bonk and make him more powerful, or eat candy to have him change size.

I’m a fan of the Anonymous Notes concept, myself. You can pack quite a lot of game into a small DSiWare space if you know how to do it, and I think more titles like that can really improve the service.