Using Monster Hunter 3G 3DS Without The Circle Pro Pad


A new video was released showing how to use the controls in the unreleased Monster Hunter 3G game for the Nintendo 3DS. From the video, the left circle pad moves your character around in the game while the bottom arrow buttons move the camera around. Pressing the Left Camera button will make the character in the game make a hard 90 degree left turn while if you press the Left Camera button and Y or A buttons, you will be able to select and use different items. It seems that the Left Camera button is customizable to your liking because it can also be used to target a monster that you are fighting. Pressing only the X or A buttons will be your main attack buttons.

If you don’t like the feel of how the physical buttons are, you can always use the touch screen. The touch screen has the Arrow buttons on the screen if you decide that you don’t like using the physical buttons. You can stretch the buttons, make them bigger or smaller and even position them for your hands. You can also customize the touch screen buttons and move everything around to your liking. If you think the top screen is too cluttered, you can even move the map off of the screen and onto the touch screen so you have a better view of the monsters that you fight. There is a touch screen button which, when pressed, automatically targets the monster.