Resident Evil: Revelations New Details

Last Thurday, Capcom held their Gamers’ Day event in San Francisco.  At the event was Tsukasa Takenaka who is the producer for Resident Evil: Revelations.  He gave a brief presentation about the game and revealed a few new details.

First up, Takenaka talked about how they were going for a more modern and scary feel for the game, much in the same way the older PlayStation games did, however they’re not going for a throw back to old times.  To help with the story, they brought in Dai Satō, who has worked on a few Japanese animations such as Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Cowboy Bebop, and Wolf’s Rain as a writer.  When they went to Satō, he was excited for the opportunity as he is a huge fan of the Resident Evil franchise.  The story is designed in chapters and at the end of each is a cliffhanger of sorts.  This is to make it difficult to put the system down and stop playing.  Takenaka also feels this is the best story so far for the series.

Revealed in this presentation is the fourth playable character in the game, Keith Lumley and his partner Quint Cetcham.  The audience was shown these two who are described as nerdy tech guys on a snow level facing new enemies.  In previous demo builds of the game, the Genesis Bio Scanner was used to find hidden items.  Now it’ll be used to reveal hidden enemies such as the newly introduced invisible hunters we were shown.  Weapon switching appeared to be quick, effective, and not cumbersome.  After the pair rid themselves of the enemies, Takenaka tells us that they wanted to focus on new characters.  They did however want to keep the fan favorites in the game as well.

Perhaps a strange point of pride was the options menu that was shown.  Although usually not a selling point, Takenaka took pride in the team’s development with the options.  Here you can adjust your three control types, four if you are using the Circle Pad Pro.  You can also change the color of the laser site and select which language you prefer.  This last setting isn’t simply for menu options, but the language all the characters will speak.  For those wanting to listen to the original Japanese audio with English subtitles will be able to do so.  The last option that was gone over was the change the range of the 3D depth.  This allows you to be able to control how much depth overall the game has.  The slider on the 3DS still functions the same however.

The last big part of the presentation was the introduction of the Raid Mode.  This has single player or two player Co-OP which can be used online or locally.  In Raid Mode, you’ll be gathering weapons and custom parts to add different abilities to said weapons every time you defeat an enemy.  Each level you finish will have a random gun as a reward as well.

Last but not least, Takenaka made sure to let everyone know that you’ll be able to reset the game data on the game card.  This is a complete opposite to Resident Evil Mercenaries 3D where deleting progress is impossible.

Resident Evil: Revelations will hit store shelves on February 7th, 2012 on Nintendo 3DS.