Colors! 3D eShop Preview

Recently I had a chance to sit down with Jens Andersson, the creator of Colors! 3D, and try out this soon to be released Nintendo 3DS app. Jens began working on the previous project, Colors!, which was released as Nintendo DS homebrew, a topic Nintendo tends to frown upon. Nonetheless, the application was released and many who had access to it enjoyed it immensely, which is why work began on an official version for the eShop, as a labor of love. For those who never had the opportunity to tinker with the original, Colors! is a painting application that made use of the Nintendo DS. With Colors! 3D, the app has been given a slight facelift and new features.

In Colors! 3D, the UI looks mostly the same as in the previous title. The selectors of color, opacity, and brush size are still present, but they appear much cleaner. I inquired about other possible color choosing systems and Jens noted that he was trying to keep the application as simple as possible. Menus in this version seem to hide themselves automatically, which is helpful once you know the controls. The option to flip pictures and pan around them is also still intact.

Although the UI changes can be seen, perhaps the biggest change/addition to the program is painting in 3D. This is achieved by using five layers that can be selected individually and painted on. When the 3D is on, the layers appear to be spaced apart quite convincingly. A few images, however, didn’t look to have enough distance between one another and appeared off. Fortunately, this only happened in two images I flipped through in the gallery. The majority of the artwork that was shown was astounding, with the 3D adding another element.

Also new to Colors! 3D is a local multi-user option. This allows two players that have two Nintendo 3DS units to paint at the same time on the same canvas. Both players also have the ability to erase any aspect of the canvas. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to test this out during my gameplay session since only one unit was present at the time.

For those who wish to share their works, there is an online gallery being made. In the gallery, you’ll be able to play back any painting just as you would if you had made it yourself. It will also allow users to download the finished image both in 2D and 3D. This gallery will be self-policing for inappropriate content, though the owner and gallery maintainer will be keeping a close eye on submissions as well. If you’re shy about sharing your art online, the application also can save artwork locally to your SD card.

I am extremely excited about Colors! 3D, and not simply for the fact that it’s a new eShop download. This is one of the first programs I’ve ever seen that allows painting in 3D. Currently, even on PCs, not many high end art programs support this. It’s shaping up to be a fun, unique, wonderful use of the 3D on the Nintendo 3DS.

Colors! 3D does not have a release date as of yet, but should be available in the near future.  The price is set at $6.99.

Check out these examples below on your Nintendo 3DS by saving them to the SD card or navigating here!

Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5