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Andrea Campton
Executive Editor & Writer

Andrea Campton is the owner of and is interested in Nintendo as a whole. Although she owns a Nintendo orientated site, she loves to game on other platforms including PC, 360, and PS3. She’s been gaming since the Atari 2600 with friends across her neighborhood. Full disclaimer: Andrea is married to an employee of Nintendo of America, however this does not effect any materials or news that is posted on the site. Any materials or information posted come from official sources or other sources across the web.

Jim Avery
Editor, News & Feature Writer

Jim Avery is a writer who contributes to and GamerTVNetwork, in addition to Nintendo Gal. He is majoring in Computer Science and hopes to focus on Artificial Intelligence in the future. In his spare time he plays video games such as Rock Band, and often posts videos of gameplay to YouTube.

Javier de la Vega
News & Feature Writer

Javier de la Vega is a video editor, photographer, and student. He’s worked for his university’s newspaper and was awarded “Best Photographer” and “Best Feature Video” awards. He is majoring in Chemical Engineering and a minor in Mathematics. He’s been a Nintendo console owner since the very first NES and often streams himself playing SNES titles.

Andrew Reistroffer
News Writer & Photographer

Andrew Reistroffer is a freelance professional photographer, majored in graphic design and loves his Nintendo 3DS. He is the administrator of the Facebook group StreetPass Seattle and organizes Street Pass events every month. He loves gaming on his PC, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo 3DS, and even his Playstation 2. He’s been gaming ever since the Atari first came out.

Past staff

David Craig
Feature Writer

David Craig is a freelance designer, a part-time writer, and an artist – but unfortunately makes most of his money from working retail. He has written his first book and is currently in the stages of converting it into a graphic novel. In his limited spare time, he likes to game on his Xbox 360, Wii, PS2, or DS, but will always have a soft spot for the NES and Super Mario Bros, with which he shares a birth-year.

Jake Bellissimo
News & Feature Writer

Jake Bellissimo loves gaming, and has always taken a liking to the Nintendo company. Favorite game? Definitely Kirby and The Amazing Mirror, which ties into his favorite genre: platformers. Yes, as n00bish as that sounds, completing them to 100% isn’t. Jake has an interest in anything concerning Walter Elias Disney, the roaring 20′s, and music. When he isn’t writing for Nintendo Gal he’s either having no life, or writing for his music news and reviews site

Chad Flemming
Feature Writer

Chad Fleming has been a gamer since the tender age of five. Now, 16 years later, he writes about them as a reviewer as well as analyzing the theory that goes into today’s games. His favorite genre is the JRPG, and his favorite games of all time include Metal Gear Solid 3 and Starcraft 2.